a colorful man

who proudly stands at the end of the rainbow

a crafty trilobite
1. I'm male, which makes me a bit of an oddity on Livejournal.
2. I'm very fond of gay things, video games, science and anime.
3. Yes, I'm in fandoms (an ever-rotating circulation of them that can be difficult to keep up with). Currently active: MGS, MASS EFFECT, SILENT HILL, NABARI NO OU, HUNTER X HUNTER, PERSONA, HOMESTUCK.
4. I'm an artist, and by that, I mean I do a lot of ridiculous doodles and silly fanart, with the occasional rare and majestic original piece that I put effort into.

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.hack//, 90 minute cutscenes, agricultural history, akihiko's swimsuit, animals with pointy teeth, anime, art, artificial selection, astrobiology, attack on titan, bad dubs, bad ends, basch lives!, bill bryson, birds, bravely default, butts, capslock, cosplayers, crossdressers, crossovers, dangan ronpa, dark souls, diana wynne jones, did you say nerd, digimon, dinosaurs, disappear!, dragon age, dramatical murder, drawing, earthbound, fanart, fanservice, final fantasy, final fantasy xiv, fire emblem: awakening, free!, garth nix, gay, haku, heroes of saiga, hideo kojima, his dark materials, homestuck, homolust, homosexual ninjas, hunter x hunter, i hate you josh, i need scissors 61, i'm covered in bees, jamjars edward warpony iii, japan, kanji tatsumi, katamari, kingdom hearts, knifegun, konami, lame humor, liar game, managing to avoid drowning, manga, mass effect, metal gear, metal gear solid, monster rancher, mythology, nabari no ou, naruto, neon genesis evangelion, ninjas, nnno, no.6, nobuo uematsu, nudibranchs, okami, oontz oontz oontz, otacon, persona, pokemon, puella magi madoka magica, radioactive voodoo drugs, redwall, reiner/bertolt, reizo's slim hips, reptiles, sayonara zetsubou sensei, sengoku basara, shin megami tensei, shonen-ai, silent hill, slash, snake's ass, sports anime being gay, sunny has two daddies, tales of vesperia, tetsuya nomura, the last remnant, the number 108, them balls, tiger & bunny, troy baker, twewy, video games, vultures, worldbuilding, yoshitaka amano, yowamushi pedal